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AGelity Biomechanics is a spin-out from the Hospital for Special Surgery inspired by the lack of reliable and early stage treatments for healthy adults with injury-induced osteoarthritis
Our goal is to address this lack of reliable OA treatments using our platform implant technology, with an initial focus on treating knee OA.
Current treatments do not meet three primary requirements of knee cartilage repair
Patient Convenience
Cartilage Integration

Immediate Stability and Function

AGelity-OCI is designed to solve this problem

Immediate Stability and Function

Proprietary, non-degradable implant for immediate stability and function
Designed as an off-the-shelf, simple, and patient-friendly solution*
With future development in the:

*AGelity-OCI is under development and has not been approved by the FDA.

Clinical, academic and entrepreneurial support from:
Hospital for Special Surgery

Recipient of the Innovation Fund and MacArthur Foundation Grants

In collaboration with the CTSC and recipient of career award

Clinical and Translational Science Center
National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases


Support from the NYC entrepreneur community

Entrepreneurship Lab
BioAccelerate New York Prize

AGelity Team

Dennis O'Dowd

Mr. O'Dowd has more than twenty-five years of experience in the orthopedic life sciences field, including in venture financing, operations and private equity while a principal at Ivy Captial Partners Management. He also has experience with mergers and acquisitions, previously bringing a portfolio company to sale with Stryker. He is excited to work in the sports medicine space to build teams and solve big problems. LinkedIn

Russell Warren

Dr. Warren is an attending orthopedic surgeon and Surgeon-in-Chief Emeritus of Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). He spearheaded the hospital’s efforts to advance research and co-founding the Soft Tissue Laboratory in 1992, where he infused clinical expertise into academic research with the mission to improve patient health. For over 20 years, Dr. Warren has been the team doctor for the New York Giants football team and has published over 250 scientific articles. Full Bio

Suzanne Maher

Dr. Maher is the Director of the Laboratory of Cartilage and Meniscus Mechanics and Adjunct Professor at Cornell University’s Engineering School and Medical College. Dr. Maher has been a Scientist at Hospital for Special Surgery since 2000 and uses her expertise in mechanical engineering to investigate how orthopedic injury and subsequent repair can impact the mechanical and biological environments of the joint. She is dedicated to the translation of research from the laboratory to clinical care. Full Bio

Tony Chen
Director of Scientific Affairs

Dr. Chen has been at the Hospital for Special Surgery since 2011 and is the current principal investigator on the NIH-funded SBIR phase I & II grants awarded to AGelity Biomechanics. His research interests lie in understanding changes in joint contact mechanics after injuries and the ability of repair technologies in restoring normal joint loads. He is passionate about the translation of these findings to improve long term patient outcomes. Full Bio


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